The Mann’s still got it

Today was our third and final film shoot in the Van Vleck this summer. Previously, we’d shot Roy & the Millionaire and Fred & the 20-inch. In front of the camera this time was Linda & the Mann Measuring Machine. Linda Shettleworth is currently the Astronomy Department’s administrative assistant, but thirty years ago she was measuring stars on glass plates for Professor Art Upgren. Because we wanted to show off the Mann Measuring Machine (helpful tip: do not google image search), and since Linda is pretty much the only person left around here who knows how to use it, she naturally became the star of our demonstration video.

Melissa films Linda adjusting a plate on the Mann Measuring Machine.

Melissa films Linda adjusting a plate on the Mann Measuring Machine. Photo(s) by the author.

Linda holds up glass plate to the light.

Linda holds up a glass plate–that she marked up in the 1980s–to the light. She used this plate in the demonstration video.

Matt at the Camera

I snapped this HILARIOUS picture of Matt and got his full consent to post it on this blog.

Selfie with Matt and Mann

Author takes a selfie with the Mann Measuring Machine and Matt–who is looking at the old punched card we found under the machine. Author clearly needs to stop taking selfies during film shoots.

4 thoughts on “The Mann’s still got it

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