Slocum’s Birthday Party


Want to party in the Van Vleck Observatory? Want to see Roy and Amrys dress up as early 20th century astronomers? We are honoring the 143rd birthday of Frederick Slocum, Van Vleck’s first director, this Saturday, February 6th, at 7 p.m..

Along with snacks and refreshments, Research Associate Professor of Astronomy Roy Kilgard will be recreating a 1916-­era public astronomy lecture in period attire using original lantern slides and projector from the observatory’s collections. A Q&A session will follow the lecture, and if the conditions permit, the 20” refracting telescope will be open for observing. Come learn all about cutting edge astronomy as it would have been described a century ago, followed by observing through our restored 100-year-old telescope!

The event will be held at 7pm this Saturday, February 6th at the Van Vleck Observatory, and is free and open to the public. For directions, visit

This event is co-sponsored by our friends at the Astronomical Society of Greater Hartford, and is a part of a yearlong celebration of the Van Vleck Observatory Centennial that will culminate in the opening of an exhibition in May and a daylong symposium in June.  

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